At Furniturea, we embrace customization. Each and every piece of Furniturea can be made in custom sizes, colors and configurations. Ordering can be as simple as choosing a design in your favorite shade of blue or as involved as creating a custom piece for your 19th century home’s 2nd floor bedroom. If you have a custom request, however large or small, we are here to help!

It’s common for customers to ask for the following:

  • Altering width, height and depth dimensions
  • Interchanging components like doors, drawers and open shelving
  • Custom finishes to match existing fabric, floor and furniture

Customers often ask, Is customization expensive? The honest answer is that it always depends on the materials and labor required to execute your vision. If you have a special request it’s always best to ask our sales team. We’ll generate a custom quote with exactly what you want, as well as the next best, less costly alternative when there is one.