• How do you say Furniturea?


  • What is Rural Modern?

    Rural Modern is our signature design style. We draw inspiration from modern design and the Rural Maine landscape to create a truly unique collection of furniture and home accessories.

  • Where is your furniture made?

    Furniturea is designed and made right here in the beautiful State of Maine. Our skilled team of designers and woodworkers builds your furniture – start to finish – in our Westbrook, ME workshop.

  • How is your furniture made?

    Every new design starts with an idea – a vision, a concept, a question – that we prototype on the workbench in the traditional way.

    Once a new design is established, we build each piece to order using a combination of old and new technologies. This hybridized approach to manufacturing allows us to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and remain true to our carpentry roots.

  • Who is the designer?

    Furniturea operates using a collaborative design approach. New ideas might start with Brian, but new pieces are prototyped and refined by the entire production team. Our design process is iterative by nature – everyone is involved and invested creating the best possible outcome.

  • What is your furniture made from?

    Furniturea uses a combination of sustainably produced materials to build your furniture. All materials – from kiln dried hardwoods to recycled composites – are free of any added formaldehyde and meet California’s 2009 clean air (CARB2)standards.

    Our Local First approach to sourcing materials means that our wood products are traceable – entirely harvested in the US and Canada – and our durable, water-based finishes are made from scratch for us in Vermont.

  • Is your furniture “green”?

    Yes! We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and believe they should encompass what is made, how it’s made, what it’s made from, and how employees and customers are treated along the way.

    All manufacturing occurs in our Westbrook workshop using skilled local labor. Our team is made of craftspeople who’ve been with the company an average of 15 years. We love what we do, and we’ve been doing it now for 40+ years.

    Our furniture is designed to maximize the utilization of raw materials and minimize the production of waste. Large panels are cut using computer optimized software to maximize yield, and many of our smaller products incorporate “waste” material. Good news for the earth; not so much for employee wood stoves during cold Maine winters.

  • Why can’t I order online?

    As a Furniturea customer you play in important role in the design of your furniture. Whether you’re ordering stock or custom designs, you’ll need to specify colors, components and configurations. We have learned over time that the made-to-order nature of our collection is better suited to ordering in person or by phone, with all specifications confirmed via email.

  • How long does it take to complete my order?

    We complete all orders, including custom, in 4 weeks or less.

  • Do you ship?

    Yes, we are able to ship throughout the entire United States with the help of Handcrafted Delivery, a Maine-based, white-glove shipping company that specializes in blanket-wrapped, fine furniture delivery.

    For accessories and select, small furniture orders we ship UPS Ground.

  • Can I pick up my own order?

    Yes, you are welcome to pickup completed orders by appointment. Customers are responsible for blanket-wrapping their furniture to ensure safe transit, as it is neither wrapped nor boxed.

  • Can I tour your workshop?

    Yes, tours of our Westbrook workshop are scheduled by appointment. Contact Sales for more information.

  • Do you have sales events or promotions?

    We do! We have ongoing floor model specials as well as seasonal sales on new orders. To stay informed on upcoming sales and new designs, join our email list. We promise not to inundate your inbox with emails.

  • Are you affiliated with Maine Cottage Furniture?

    If you see similarities between the original Maine Cottage and Furniturea it’s because we manufactured Maine Cottage Furniture for nearly 20 years. While we are no longer affiliated with the company, we still offer the same quality of construction and materials that many customers have come to know and love. For more information on our cottage style offerings, contact Sales.

  • Do you offer customization?

    Yes, we do. In fact, we design all of our furniture with customization in mind. Ordering can be as simple as choosing a design in your favorite color – or – as involved as creating a custom piece for your 19th century home’s 2nd floor bedroom. If you have a custom need, however large or small, we are here to help!

  • Is customizing an existing Furniturea design expensive?

    It honestly depends on the materials and labor required to execute your vision. If you have a special request it’s always best to ask our sales team. We’ll generate a custom quote with exactly what you want, as well as the next best, less costly alternative when there is one.

  • Do you offer design consultation services?

    Yes, we happily perform site visits to homes and offices in Greater Portland, ME. We come equipped with measuring tapes, color chips, and tablet to help you create a vision for your space. For rates and scheduling, contact Sales.

  • Do you have a Designer Discount program?

    Yes, we work with interior designers, decorators and architects. For more information on our Designer Discount program, please contact Sales.